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Thoughts on B2B Lead Generation from Social Networks


In the era of digitalization, keeping your business afloat on social networking sites is crucial. Is your business the victim of poor lead generation strategy? Is your B2B lead generation from social networks not working right for your organization?

If this is the case! We’ve got your back with the right B2B marketing strategy from social networks that will perfectly fit your business targets.

B2B lead generation challenges faced by brands.

  • No matter how many lead-generation ad campaigns you hold, you must ensure the campaign is targeting the right customer base with all the relevant information. Just conducting a lead-generation ad campaign won’t work. Business should know their target audiences.

  • Many brands fail to conduct personalized lead-generation ad campaigns. Using LinkedIn marketing and Facebook marketing ad campaigns for lead generation can deliver better results than other social networks, as they have a higher digital footprint.

  • Most organizations poorly track and measure their lead generation strategy. Tracking and analyzing ROI helps to understand your campaign’s weak areas. Tapping the weak areas can increase the conversion rate.

  • Putting in the right sales executive for the right job. A successful salesperson can smoothly convert an amateur lead into a qualified lead. Businesses often fail to tap the right talent and their lead generation strategy struggles mid-way.

List of most common mistakes B2B brands make on social networks.

  1. Failing to understand the Social Media Marketing (SMM) fundamentals. From planning, targeting, advertising, engaging, reporting, and analyzing to execution, everything needs to be taken care of.

  2. Failing to understand the right social networking platform to generate leads. Sometimes targeting on Instagram will not deliver as many leads as a Facebook campaign could.

  3. Failing to measure the campaign metrics and understand ROI.

  4. Not regular and consistent on social networks. Failing to engage with the audience base and understand their overall demands.

  5. Expecting quick results without having any patience or without building any relationships and trust among the audience.

Here is how a brand can generate quality leads

  • Tap and execute the right lead-generation strategy using various SMM techniques.

  • Define your target audience well and try to understand them

  • Establish a smooth and continuous collaboration between sales and marketing.

  • Choose the right content with the right keywords, this will help you rank well.

  • Keep tracking, analyzing, and adjusting with the right metrics and data.


To sum up, B2B lead generation through social networks has developed into an effective tool for companies to engage with potential customers around the world. Brands that engage with customers and exhibit their goods and services on a variety of social media platforms can utilize social networks' potential for generating B2B leads and will have an advantage in the digital sphere as they continue to develop and flourish.


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